When the current owner purchased the 7,830 square foot stately brick building in northwest Portland, they knew it had “good bones” and a lot of potential. The structure was originally built as a single-family residence for George and Elizabeth Good in the early 1890’s and was designed by well-known Portland architecture firm Whidden and Lewis. It includes elements from the Colonial Revival, Queen Anne and Arts and Crafts styles. Many alterations had occurred over the years, including a conversion to a rooming house and an unfortunate commercial office conversion in the late 1950’s that involved covering up - or removing entirely - original interior architectural features.


A well-established Portland-based financial planning firm signed on as a tenant for the 1st floor, 2nd floor and attic. They, like the new owners, appreciated the beautiful historic details that were present in the building, and had a vision of what the interior spaces could become once fully restored. It was clear a major renovation of the interior was needed prior to the tenant moving in, not only to bring all of the rooms back to their former glory, but to bring the building systems up to current code and provide the tenant with modern commercial amenities.


Over the course of the subsequent year, existing historic interior elements were carefully repaired and preserved, often employing seasoned craftsmen. Parallel to that effort, any interior modifications completed in the 1950’s were removed, often revealing original finishes and details that could then be restored. The project team’s enthusiasm grew as the early 1890’s interiors began to reveal themselves once again. Items such as newspaper clippings, hand-made nails, and turn of the century golf balls were found in the walls. The lead architect embarked on historical archival research to ensure that any changes were done with the utmost respect for the original design. Materials were salvaged wherever possible, and new materials and finishes were selected with Whidden and Lewis’ original design style in mind.




Phase 1 (Floors 1 and 2) complete.

Phase 2 (Floors B and 3) in process.




S & K Property Investments LLC



Portland, Oregon






Phase 1: 4,300 s.f.

Phase 2: 3,600 s.f.



Tracy Orvis